1. Enterprise Risk Management
    Enterprise Risk Management
    An agile risk management software that adapts as your business changes to identify, assess, monitor and report risks. Our software connects all the components of managing the institution: Risks, Controls, Regulations, Audit Items, Vendor Management, IT Management and much more. While providing alerts to stakeholders to take action when neccessary. Also Included are: • Risk Register • Control Libary • Control Testing • Risk Assessments • Risk Scoring • Risk Remediation • Risk Acceptance
  2. Vendor Management
    Vendor Management
    Simplifies the vendor and contract management process through automated workflows and simple interface. This Vendor Management process includes: • Diligence • Procurement • Operational Risk Assessment • Information/Cyber Security Assessment • Bidding Process • Contract Management • Financial Assessment • Dashboards • Reports and much more
  3. Loan Origination
    Loan Origination
    Customers want answers quickly. Sometimes giving a response to a client first will win over the customer. One cannot lose valuable time during the origination process. Our platform gives the ability to manage more loans with fewer resources by workflow automation, document tracking and paper-free processing. Aviron had developed technology solutions that help institutions of all sizes focus on increasing their business to maximize revenue while reducing technology risk and costs.
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